Date: 10. February 2020 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

Behind the Scenes: MoMaTrE in Berlin

Over the past three days, we were working on the further development of our app: During this year’s project meeting of the MoMaTrE team (Mobile Math Trails in Europe), we […]

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Date: 7. November 2019 | By: Simon Barlovits | Category:  | No Comments

Intensive teacher training programme in Granada 2020

As part of our Erasmus+ Project Mobile Math Trails in Europe (MoMaTrE) you can discover MathCityMap and Outdoor Mathematics with an international group of teachers in the beautiful historic city […]

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Date: 9. April 2019 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

The MoMaTrE Intensive Study Programme

Within the Erasmus+ project „Mobile Math Trails in Europe“, 30 European university students met in Frankfurt for the two last weeks of March 2019. Their goal: Learn about math trails […]

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Date: 19. November 2018 | By: Iwan Gurjanow | Category:  | No Comments

MoMaTrE workshops in Nitra

MoMaTrE (Mobile Math Trails in Europe) – this is the name of the european project to spread technology supported math trails in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Slovakia. From 6th until […]

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Date: 17. April 2018 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

MoMaTrE project in Portugal

The MathCityMap team thanks our MoMaTrE partners from Portugal for a special outdoor event with MCM. Read their impressions in the following article by Amélia Caldeira and Ana Moura: In […]

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Date: 28. March 2018 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

MCM International Events

Through the cooperation project MoMaTrE (Mobile Math Trails in Europe –, MathCityMap could be presented on an international level in various ways. On 23.03., about 170 students at the […]

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Date: 9. October 2017 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

MoMaTrE Kick Off at ENS Lyon

On Thursday, 5th October 2017, the EU project MoMaTrE officially started in the House of Mathematics at the École Normal Superieure Lyon. MoMaTrE is the acronym for Mobile Math Trails […]

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Date: 18. August 2017 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | 1 Comment

MoMaTrE – Mobile Math Trails In Europe

After one year of preparation we managed it: MathCityMap is the heart of the Strategic Partnership MoMaTrE. MoMaTrE is an acronym for Mobile Math Trails in Europe. The working group MATIS I led […]

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