15. April 2024

Portugal: Trail “Praça da República, no Porto”

The trail that has been downloaded and completed the most in the last month is the trail “Praça da República, no Porto” by Alcina Lourenço. The public trail can be viewed under the following code: 3614904. Alcina Lourenço created this trail when she got to know MathCityMap and used the app for a while. She wanted to use it to develop her teaching practice and has used the trail several times with her own students. She has had many great experiences with MathCityMap and her students have also had a lot of fun trying out and getting to know the app.

Their trail is currently being used by many different independent teachers for their own lessons, which is why almost 200 downloads have taken place in the last month. This is an impressive number and we are curious to see how often the trail will be used in schools in the future.

Here you can gain a small insight into the environment of the tasks:

Alcina Lourenço can be contacted over Facebook or LinkedIn.


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