18. April 2022

Generic Tasks: Growth

This Generic Tasks article is about the wizard task from the “Growth” topic. As always with our Generic Tasks, the tasks can be created in no time with the help of the task wizard, and this time you can find the corresponding objects everywhere in your environment with even greater certainty than usual. The first article on Generic Tasks, which also tells you how to get to the Task Wizard and what Generic Tasks are, can be found here.

The objects we are looking at in this article on growth are, of course, trees. Whether in the countryside or in the city, the next MCM task is never far away. The task that is stored in the task wizard is:

“Determine the age of this tree. A tree with a diameter of approximately 40cm (measured in 130cm height) is about 72 years old. One can assume that the diameter grows proportionally. Give the result in years.”

To create the task, we need the circumference of the tree at a height of approx. 130 cm and the type of tree, i.e. whether it is an oak, a maple or a sycamore, since different trees naturally grow at different rates. The task can then be solved via the fact that the growth takes place almost linearly, so we can determine the growth of the tree per year via proportionality.



The next article on the issue of Generic Taks will deal with the topic of velocities, for which we will take a closer look at the escalator. Until then, have fun and save time when creating MCM tasks with the Task Wizard!


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