18. March 2024

Trail “Da CUXte: Mathematics in Cuxhaven”

The trail “Da CUXte: Mathematik von der Jugendherberge in Duhnen bis zur Kugelbake in Döse” by Alexandra Holtkötter was the most downloaded trail last month. Alexandra Holtkötter is a teacher at Max-Planck-Gymnasium and told us what the trail is all about:

“From the seabed to outer space – math is everywhere!

Measuring, estimating and combining, mathematical knowledge can be applied at ten stations along the approx. 4.4-kilometer route to collect points and gain information about mudflats, storm surges, crabs and sea.

Every year, all 8th graders at the Max Planck Gymnasium in Dortmund set off on a STEM trip to “travel” around the world along the 8th longitude east at the Klimahaus Bremerhaven, experience the mudflats at the Cuxhaven travel station in the National Park, analyze water samples and do math in the fresh North Sea air.

In small groups, measurements are taken to calculate the area of a triangular canvas, to determine the inclination of the dike; combinatorics helps to determine the seating possibilities on a round tree bench, the height of the spherical beacon can be estimated with the help of the second ray theorem, for example, …

Perhaps the insight of “traveler” Axel Werner from the Klimahaus will be confirmed: “You don’t always have to travel far to have interesting travel experiences.””

We are very grateful for this exciting insight into the mathematical world of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium and look forward to many other classes being able to experience this interesting journey.

A few insights into the surroundings of Cuxhaven and the associated tasks now follow:




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