28. March 2022

Generic Tasks: Volume and Weight

The new article on Generic Tasks is dedicated to tasks in the category “Volume and Weight”. As always, you can create these tasks in no time using the task wizard, and you will find the corresponding objects everywhere in your surroundings. The first article on Generic Tasks, which also tells you how to get to the task wizard and what Generic Tasks are, can be found here.

First, we would like to look at the object category of cuboids. Especially in public places or near buildings you can find stones or stone seats that can be approximated as cuboids. In the first picture of this article such a seat is shown as an example. The task, which is available in the task wizard, reads:

“How much does the stone weigh? 1m³ weighs 2600kg. Give the result in kg.”

Required for creating the task are the length, width and height, and optionally the density of the stone. If you do not have the density of the material, the wizard will give you an average value for the weight of a cubic meter of stone. Based on the entered data, the wizard fills in the rest of the task form and only a picture needs to be added to complete the task.



Another object that can be found in many cities is the fountain, with a fountain basin that can be modeled as a cylinder. The focus of this task is on determining the capacity of the fountain basin in liters, which is why the corresponding problem definition of the Generic Task, which is created by the Wizard, is as follows:

“How many liters of water are in the fountain?”

The data needed to create the task in this case are the radius of the fountain basin, which in practice can be easily determined by the circumference of the fountain, and the height of the basin.

In the next article on the topic of Generic Taks, we will turn to a classic wizard task. The focus will be on the growth rate of trees. Until then, we hope you have fun and save time when creating MCM tasks with the Task Wizard!


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