18. July 2022

Generic Tasks: GPS Tasks

The last article on Generic Tasks deals with the most unusual category in the Task Wizard, GPS tasks. These tasks can be created by the wizard in a very short time and can be easily implemented on any larger area and can therefore be integrated into any trail as needed. The first article on Generic Tasks, which also tells you how to get to the Task Wizard and what Generic Tasks are, can be found here.

In the category of GPS tasks we are not bound to specific objects, which has to do with the approach of the tasks. For example, one possible task is:

“Walk a line AB which is 50 meters long.”

To create the task, you only need to define a place where the task is to be performed. The person performing the task then uses a GPS function in the app to set two points while walking that are 50 meters apart. The route can be either directional, i.e. running in a certain cardinal direction, or non-directional.




Other possible tasks are, for example, tracing a square or an isosceles triangle. In addition, as seen in the first image of this article, you can ask for points that are equidistant from two or three points previously determined in the app, such as the sculptures.

We hope that with this series of articles on Generic Tasks we were able to introduce you to our Task Wizard and its possibilities to simplify the process of creating tasks. Have fun trying it out!


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