29. November 2021

Generic Tasks: Slope

In the last article on Generic Tasks, which you can read here, we already showed you how you can use Generic Tasks to save time when creating tasks in your surroundings. In this context we showed you the Generic Tasks implemented in the system for the topic Combinatorics. Another theme that the task wizard can help with is slopes.

The objects for which Generic Tasks were created and which can also be found almost everywhere are ramps and handrails of staircases. Since, for example, ramps are not allowed to have a slope greater than six percent for use by wheelchairs, it makes sense to design an MCM task that asks exactly what the slope is.

To create the task, you only have to insert the data measured at the ramp into the task wizard and specify whether the result of the task is to be determined in percent or in degrees. The resulting task text is quite simple: “Determine the slope of the ramp in percent (degrees).












The creation of tasks with the wizard for handrails works in the same way. The sample solution and the hints are again created in a suitable way and only the task image has to be inserted.

In the next article on Generic Tasks we will deal with the creation of tasks on the topic “Number”. Until then, we wish you again a lot of fun and success in creating new tasks with MathCityMap!


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