24. January 2022

Generic Tasks: Number

In this article on Generic Tasks, we would like to introduce you to two tasks from the “Number” category. As always, you can find the corresponding objects everywhere and the tasks can be created in no time using the task wizard. The first article on Generic Tasks, which also tells you how to get to the Task Wizard and what Generic Tasks are, can be found here.

The first object category we want to talk about here are paved areas or walls. Especially in city centers or public places you can often find areas that are paved with stones. In the picture below you can see an example of a semicircular area, which was laid out with paving stones. The task, which is provided for this in the task wizard, reads:

“With how many paving stones was the area shown laid out?”.

The values needed to create the task with the wizard are only the size of the total area and the average number of stones on a square meter. Starting from this data, the wizard fills in the complete task form and only a picture needs to be added to complete the task. Similarly, there is a task in the wizard that asks for the number of bricks that make up a wall.













Another object for which a Generic Task can be created in the Wizard is the typical advertising pillar. After manually entering the circumference and height of the area that can be placarded, the task here is:

“How many DIN A0 posters can be placed on the advertisement pillar without overlapping? DIN A0: length = 84cm; height = 119cm.”.

An interesting aspect of this problem is that it can only be solved correctly if the condition of not overlapping, which is necessary in reality, is taken into account. If you divide the surface of the cylindrical column by the surface of a poster, you get a result which is mathematically reasonable, but which turns out to be wrong in the validation on the real situation.

In the next article about Generic Taks we will have a look at the tasks in the wizard, which are available for the topic “Volume and Weight”. Until then, we hope you have fun and save time when creating MCM tasks with the task wizard!



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