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MaSCE³ Kick-Off Meeting in Viana do Castelo

From 31st of October till 2nd of November, the Kick-off Meeting of the Erasmus+ project Math Trails in School, Curriculum and Educational Environments of Europe (MaSCE³) took place. Being hosted […]

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MathCityMap celebrates the task no. 10000

More than 10.000 tasks have been created on the MathCityMap portal. A Namibian teacher created the 10k-task during a MCM workshop last week. MathCityMap provides tasks in more than 40 […]

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Trail of the Month: Telaga Tujuh Island Adventure

This month we present a mathtrail from Indonesia. After hearing of the new MathCityMap pirate narrative, our MathCityMap educator Adi Nur Cahyono created the “Telaga Tujuh Island Adventure Trail” to […]

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MathCityMap visits Namibia

Matthias Ludwig presents the MathCityMap project in Namibia! At J.G. Van der Wath Secondary School Matthias Ludwig created some MathCityMap tasks with Namibian teachers during a teacher education program. One […]

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MathCityMap and MoMaTrE celebrate the Erasmusdays 2019

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, we celebrated the international Erasmusdays with our Erasmus + project MoMaTrE. During perfect weather, mathematical trails were conducted at the five locations in Frankfurt, Lyon, […]

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Celebrate the Erasmusdays 2019 with MathCityMap!

Did you know? From 10th – 12th October 2019, the EU celebrates the Erasmusdays. Of course, MathCityMap should not be missing as content-related basis of the Eramus+ project MoMaTrE! Our […]

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Date: 23. September 2019 | By: Simon Barlovits | Category:  | 2 Comments

The task wizard: Creating tasks as if by magic

Creating a MathCityMap task is too difficult and time-consuming? In this article we´ll introduce you to our tool “task-wizard”, which enables you to create tasks with a few clicks. In […]

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Exhibition of the Competition “Land of Ideas”

MathCityMap was honoured by the German competition “Land of Ideas”! The projects of the ten award winners are currently presented in a branch of the Deutsche Bank in Wiesbaden. Next […]

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MathCityMap training for teachers to support the SmartCity Semarang Program

Eighteen Mathematics Teachers at the Junior High School level in the city of Semarang have participated in MathCityMap training organized by the Department of Mathematics at the Semarang State University […]

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Land of Ideas Team visits MathCityMap

  “This application firstly combines outdoor activities with mathematics tasks. Students can walk mobile math trails for the first time. This is motivating and supports learning.” – Matthias Ludwig, Project […]

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