19. October 2020

Trails along the Rhine & Main: Frankfurt

Today we present again a trail in our section “Tested Trails in the Rhein-Main area”. The student Isabella Unkart created the math trail “Der Sinaipark” in the Frankfurt district Dornbusch as part of our mathtrail seminar at the Goethe University. All trails were tested by students on site and also passed our expert review. Two weeks ago, we presented the trail “Kurpark Bad Camberg” by Mara Deisel and Mustafa Cinar in this section.


Name: Der Sinai-Park
Code: 252908
Location: Frankfurt, Dornbusch
Target group: 7th grade
Topic: Geometry

This mathtrail leads the students of grades 7 and 8 through the Sinai Park in Frankfurt am Main. It comprises a total of 10 different tasks and is characterized above all by the fact that it focuses on the topic “Geometry”.

The individual tasks challenge the students to become active themselves on site. For example, by measuring, estimating and, above all, calculating, the pupils themselves determine how much material is needed to build a rain cover for a playground. To ensure that the mathtrail is nevertheless varied, there are two additional tasks in addition to the geometry tasks, which deal with other topics such as “proportional growth”.


Example task: The new sandbox

In this task the students are asked to calculate the diameter of a cylindrical sandbox, which should have the same capacity and depth as the old sandbox.

The challenge here is that the students have to go through several steps until they reach the final result. On the other hand, they must first change the necessary formulas before they can continue to calculate with them.

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