19. February 2024

Frontrunner: The most visited trail of the last month!

The trail “Paseo Matemático en CCH Naucalpan 2022” (3910980) by David Sánchez has a total of almost 600 downloads and has been downloaded over 150 times in the last 30 days alone. This makes it the most visited trail of the last month.

Every year, the students of the Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades Plantel Naucalpan complete this trail to get to know the emblematic buildings of their school and test their geometric skills.

After the end of the 2022 pandemic, the community was welcomed back outside with this trail under the motto “walk, calculate and make history”. This Video gives a little insight into the event (in Spanish).

A teacher and masked wrestler leads this project and calls himself “El Matemático de CCH” (“The CCH Mathematician”).

In addition, the school has two other exciting trails (5617448 and 4813875), that serve to celebrate International Math Day.

The school has set itself the goal of developing a Math Trail that has the most participants in the entire world.

We are excited to see what great things the school and El Matemático de CCH will achieve in the future.

If you are also interested in becoming one of our partner schools, you can find all the important information here.


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