18. October 2021

MCM goes Canada

From September 9 to October 8, we were able to collaborate with Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada on a new project on outdoor mathematics and MathCityMap. Visiting the research group of Prof. Dr. Nathalie Sinclair, we dedicated ourselves to research on embodiment and gestures while walking a mathtrail: When students work on real objects, it seems natural that they interact with the object and describe mathematical concepts through gestures.



We started by looking at the SFU campus, and we didn’t have to search long for suitable tasks! Not only the pyramid seemed to be made for MCM! In the course of an advanced training with 20 teachers, the tasks could then be tested directly. Afterwards, five groups were filmed solving the tasks. In the evaluation, we will focus on when and with which function different gestures were used. We will submit these results at the next PME conference (2022 in Valencia).

Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to create some trails in downtown Vancouver – both the Waterfront Station and the Stanley Park were ideal addresses for our first “Canadian Math Trails”.



The study and the accompanying research stay are funded by the DAAD and the BMBF within the framework of the Project-related Exchange of Persons (PPP) Canada.

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