24. June 2024

Uruguay: trail of the month!

Last month, the trail with the most downloads came from the Ceibal mathematics department (Ceibal is a Uruguayan initiative to implement the “one laptop per child” model for the introduction of information and communication technologies in primary and secondary schools1) in Uruguay. The trail is called “Problemas STEAM geolocalizados” and can be found under the following code 4520262. Those responsible, Analí and Verónica, told us how the trail came about and what is behind it:

“The idea for this trail emerged as a collaboration between two members of the educators’ team aiming to integrate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) concepts into outdoor learning environments. We aimed to create an interactive and engaging experience that would challenge students to apply their mathematical skills in real-world contexts.
To develop the trail, we carefully selected locations within our community that offered interesting geometric features, architectural elements, or natural phenomena suitable for posing mathematical problems. We then designed a series of challenges and activities that required students to use mathematical reasoning and problem-solving strategies to complete.
Throughout the development process, we collaborated with local experts in various fields, including mathematics, architecture, and environmental science, to ensure the accuracy and educational value of the trail.”

We are very happy about such a great and intensive engagement with the local environment and mathematical aspects and are already very excited to see what other interesting trails there will be in the future.

The following pictures give an insight into the places where the trail tasks are located:

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