1. September 2020

Trails along the Rhine & Main: Gießen

The next trail in our section “Tested Trails in the Rhine-Main-Area” is located in Gießen. There our student Aline Schreiner has created the mathtrail “Experience mathematics at the swan lake”. The trail was created during our math trail seminar at the Goethe University Frankfurt. All trails were tested by students on site and also passed our expert review. Recently, we presented the trail “Mathe-Kings & Mathe-Queens” by Jolanta Zdyb in our section.

Information about the Trail:
Name: Experience mathematics at the Swan Lake
Code: 152919
Place: Gießen
Grade: 6
Topics: Angles, Fractions, Area, Volume
Duration: approx. 3h

Unfortunately, mathematics is often perceived by students as a pointless game with numbers and letters. With the help of the first math trail in Giessen, “Experiencing Mathematics at the Swan Pond”, which is located in Giessen’s largest green area, the aim is to show the pupils that mathematics can be fun and that their lives are made easier by using mathematics. 

Due to its quiet location, the teachers can let their students work in small groups on the respective tasks at different objects without hesitation. The Trail is recommended for the end of grade 6 or the beginning of grade 7, as it is designed to repeat the topics from school year 5 and 6.

Examplifying task: Treasure chest

The treasure chest should be filled with dry sand. 1 liter of sand weighs 1.8 kg. How many kg of sand fit into the treasure chest? Neglect the woods in the box and round to whole kg.

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