5. September 2022

Trail of the month: Mathematics outdoors

We are once again in a European capital for the “visit” of the Trail of the Month September. The trail “Mathematics outdoors” is located in a city that bears the same name as the state, Luxembourg. This mathematical walk was created by Claude Reuter as part of the initiative “Mir gi raus” of the SCRIPT, a coordination center for educational and technological research and innovation.

The trail consists of a total of 11 tasks covering a wide range of topics such as geometry, stochastics and arithmetic and is located in the central district of Clausen directly on the Alzette River. The trail is available in the MCM app under the code 4710757 and in the MathCityMap web portal here.

Claude Reuter describes his experience and work with MathCityMap in the following interview. Enjoy reading!


How did you come across the MathCityMap project?

I came across MathCityMap while researching on the internet about applications that help in creating GPS-based trails.


Please describe your trail?

The MathTrail is intended as an example trail. It is designed to show teachers how mathematics can be experienced in a playful way using simple means in the immediate environment of the school (in this case the schoolyard). Mathematics is everywhere and should therefore not only be dealt with in the classroom.


How do you use MCM and why?

MCM is designed to help people experience mathematics. Although mathematics is an exact science, we often work with estimates in everyday life. With MCM, mathematical content can be connected to the real context.


Describe your favorite task on the trail. How can it be solved?

My favorite task from the trail is the task to determine the flow velocity of the Alzette River. In this task, the focus is not on the result, but on the process. The result cannot be determined unambiguously. To solve the task, students must come up with possible procedures on their own and then check them for feasibility.


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