19. September 2022

The second German partner school!

The German partner school community is also growing and so we are very pleased to introduce the second MathCityMap partner school in Germany today! The “Friedrich Gymnasium Freiburg” has successfully completed the application process and can now look forward to receiving the official partner school plaque and the package with measuring instruments, which is already on its way to the school.

Working with MathCityMap, 10 trails have already been created at and around the school, partly by the school’s students and partly by teachers.


In a report created for the Friedrich Gymnasium school website, Dr. Patrick Bronner, a math teacher at the school, wrote in an initial conclusion:

“Despite the tight project timeframe shortly before the summer vacations (July 2022), numerous partner groups of class 9a achieved excellent results. What motivated the students in the MathCityMap project was above all the everyday context, the intensive use of digital media, and the expansion and constant change of the learning space from the classroom to the city center. The experiences during the four-week project period in the school practice are now reflected with the MathCityMap team, the created material is improved and published in didactic journals.”

If you also want to apply with your school as a MathCityMap partner school, you can find all further information about the partner school program and the requirements for the application both in the article about the first MCM partner school and on the homepage of our project MaSCE³.


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