6. August 2018

Task of the Week: Direction

With our GPS tasks, such as the walking of a north-south line, we have already presented a first way how to connect the directions with MathCityMap. But many statues also offer the opportunity to implement the theme, for example, the monument of Maximilian  of Bavaria in Munich.

Task: Maximilian’s Pointer (Task number: 4483)

In which direction does the right finger of Maximilian point? Give the result in degrees. 0 °corresponds to the exact north direction and 90° to the exact east direction.

With the use of the smartphone and compass app, the task can be solved quickly and accurately. Without compass, creativity is required. The direction could be determined by means of the position of the sun or the north directed mathtrail map. If it is clear that students should work without a compass, it makes sense to limit the question to the direction of the compass with multiple choice

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