9. October 2017

Task of the Week: Bench

The determination of the weight of an object has often been part of a Task of the Week. However, today’s task is a particular challenge because the object consists of different materials with different densities.

Task: Bench (task number: 1803)

There are benches in front of the H7. How much does a bench seat weigh when the wood weighs 690 kg per m³ and the concrete weighs 2400 kg per m³? Give the result in kg.

The best way to solve this problem is by dividing the bench into three parts: the two concrete feet, the concrete seat and the wooden seat. A cuboid can be used as a model for all parts. Then the students take the necessary measurements and calculate the weight of concrete and wood first separately. The total weight of the bench is then calculated by addition.

The task requires knowledge about the cuboid as well as its volume. In addition, the concept of density should be known to the pupils. Within solving this task, this can be sharpened. The task is recommended from class 7.

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