4. May 2020

MCM meets Augmented Reality

Adi Cahyono, our MCM Educator of Indonesia, and Matthias Ludwig, head of the MCM Team Frankfurt, present how an augmented reality mobile math trails program can provide opportunities for students to engage in meaningful mathematical modelling activities. Therefore, an explorative study was conducted involving two mathematics teachers and 30 eight grades in Semarang, Indonesia. The students worked on several math trail tasks using an Augmented Reality Mobile Math Trails App, which was specifically created for this study.

The findings indicate that a mobile app with augmented reality features is helpful for students as a tool that bridges the gap between real-world situations and mathematical concepts in problem-solving following the mathematical modelling cycle.

The article „Learning mathematical Modelling with Augmented Reality Mobile Math Trails Program: How can it work?” was published in the Journal on Mathematics Education. The full text is available online here. The cover pictures are taken from this article.

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