28. April 2020

MathCityMap was presented at the YESS10 conference

At the YESS10 conference last week, Simon presented his upcoming study about students’ learning progress using the MathCityMap app. Of course, the YESS10 (YERME Summer School) took place online.

The MathCityMap idea was enthusiastically received by the participants of the conference. For example, the Israeli High-school Math teacher and researcher Eli Netzer, who analyzes Hebrew educational video (Link to Eli’s website), gave us this feedback:

I believe that MathCityMap is a valuable project for extracurricular mathematics learning. The project affords profound mathematical learning since it is based on three strong aspects: social, mobile and real mathematics learning.
I am looking forward to using the project site with my students, explore and add new mathematical interesting tasks and Math trails in the Tel-Aviv city.

In addition, Eli created this really cool illustration about the theoretical framwork of MathCityMap (left picture).

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