22. May 2017

MathCityMap – Reloaded

On Thursday, 24 participants took part in the House of Finance at the Westend Campus of the Goethe University and wanted to find out about the latest developments in the MathCityMap project. The entire MCM team was present, so that the information could be given first-hand.

Matthias Ludwig presented how the MCM project is genetically integrated into the math-out-of-nature-concept of MATIS I scientifically and didactically. In this concept the authenticity aspect, the influence of physicality, the psychology of emotions and interest, as well as the life environment are taken into account by new technologies, as well as the sharing idea that leads to an exchange among the participating teachers. Joerg Zender introduced the application of the app (now also as an iOS version) before the participants solved tasks from the Westend Trail with folding rule and measuring tape. After 50 minutes, Martin Lipinski moderated the discussion on the first experiences with the trail and presented the MCM criteria for a good task. Afterwards, a second practice part took place, in which the participants  developed their own task. Iwan Gurjanow, who is responsible for the programming of the MCM app and the MCM portal, took the final step. He explained how to integrate one’s own tasks, combine them to a route and create a group.

The participants did not want to go home, but wanted to work on their MCM tasks even longer. Do not worry next year, we’ll be back with an 4 hours event!

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