5. July 2021

MathCityMap in Portuguese Teacher Education

Two students of the Master degree course in Mathematics and Sciences Education of Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Antony Lopes and Liliana Francisco, respectively under the supervision of Ana Barbosa and Isabel Vale, have focused their thesis in the use of MathCityMap.

The work developed by Antony Lopes aimed to understand the way 6th grade students apply Geometry concepts in a math trail using MathCityMap. Although it was not possible to collect data with students due to COVID-19, the published report grounds and explains all the methodological options and also presents all the data collection techniques, including the procedures that led to the trail submission in MCM. The author also presents a theoretical discussion of the expectations concerning the results. The report can be found here.

The work of Liliana Francisco is still under development and aims to understand how 6th grade students solve tasks, within the scope of isometries, designed to be applied outside the classroom through a math trail with MathCityMap. This study is being conducted with 23 students and data is being collected, resorting to observation, documents (task solutions), questionnaires, interviews and photographs. The report will be published soon.

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