5. October 2020

Trails along the Rhine & Main: Oberursel

Our current trail in the column “Tested Trails in the Rhine-Main-Area” is located in the center of Oberursel. Here our teacher student Clara Jung has created the math trail “Oberursel Innenstadt Klasse 7”. The trail was created as part of our award-winning Mathtrail seminar at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. All trails were tested by students on site and also passed our expert review. Recently we presented the trail “The World of Geometry” by Iqra Shah in this section.

Information about the trail:
Name: Oberursel City Center Class 7
Code: 473042
Location: Oberursel, Epinay- and town hall square
Target group: 7th grade
Topic: Tariffs, percentage calculation, speeds, gradient, right-angled triangles

In the middle of downtown Oberursel, students and mathematics enthusiasts can explore this science in a new way: Mathematical questions are posed at prominent objects on Epinayplatz and Rathausplatz – fountains, paving, stairs and railings – and can be solved with the help of measurements and calculations.

The focus is on 7th grade topics: The eye is drawn to real-life tariffs, there are various tasks on percentage calculations, as well as questions on the slope of linear functions, the side length of right-angled triangles and speeds in different contexts.

Sample task: Fountain at the town hall

Calculate the flow velocity with which the water flows into the pool. Give the result in m/s, rounded to 2 decimals. This task allows the students to experience the concept of velocities in a new way. Measured values for distance and time must be collected by the students themselves. Especially the measurement of time with the help of a floating auxiliary object (e.g. a leaf) is the attraction of the task.

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