28. August 2020

The MoMaTrE Final

It’s hard to believe, but the three MoMaTrE project years will end on Monday. In order to complete the outputs and results on time, we met with the partners for the final meeting in Lisbon last week. All seven outputs were successfully completed and uploaded to the MoMaTrE project website www.momatre.eu in the section “The Project”.

In addition to intensive work phases, we set up tasks on site and valued the Portuguese culture with Fado music. Our special thanks go to all partners involved, their ideas and their commitment in the recent years. It was a great time and we achieved a lot for the European math trail community!

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  1. Dear MoMaTrE-project colleagues and friends.
    The project MoMaTrE activities, supported by Math City Map portal, was an academic challenge for all members of the team from Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia. Slovakian students, pupils, teachers and researchers have learnt a lot not only about modern approach of the using digital technologies in outdoor mathematics education. We, from the university, have learnt a lot about research in education and about flexible and professional international project management. The MoMaTrE project experience has started to form an enthusiastic community not only in Slovakia, but also in Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Thank you for the extraordinary activities we experienced with you since the beginning of the project, in 2017, till unexpected and very special global situation in 2020. Thank you for your academic collegiality and for your friendship.
    This is not THE END. This is: SHOW MUST GO ON …
    Sona Ceretkova
    on behalf Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia MoMaTrE team

  2. These were great, intensive and hard working 3 years, and a wonderful sprint finish! But it was worth the effort, the pleasure is there, thank you all!

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