7. August 2017

Task of the Week: Tank Filling

In today’s Task of the Week everything focuses on the geometrical body of a cylinder as well as the activities of measuring and modeling. The task is included in the Dillfeld Trail in Wetzlar.

Task: Tank Filling (task number: 1098)

Determine the capacity of the tank in liters.

First of all, it is necessary to recognize the object as a cylinder and to ignore minor deviations from the idealized body. The students then measure the necessary length. Since the result is to be expressed in liters, it is sufficient to record the data already at this point in decimetres. Subsequently, the capacity is determined by means of the volume formula for cylinders.

For the task, the students must have already gained experience with the geometrical body cylinder and its volume. The task is assigned to the spatial geometry and can be used from class 9 onwards.

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