2. October 2017

Task of the Week: Spider Web

While searching for suitable MathCityMap tasks, creativity and a focus for mathematics in the environment are required. This is also shown by the current Task of the Week, created by Stefan Rieger, in which a climbing frame is converted into a math task.

Task: Spider web (task number: 1662)

How many meters of rope does this spider web consist of?

Thankfully Mr. Rieger was available for a short interview, so he could give an insight into the idea behind the task.

How did you get the idea to create this task for MathCityMap?

Three of us were walking around the schoolyard, looking for interesting tasks. This task offered itself directly, because it is challenging and can be solved by younger students.

What competencies and topics play a role in the problem solving?

Here, it will be important that the group works together when it tries to solve the task. There are several people needed for measuring and recording. Accurate measurement and safe handling of the measuring tape will be necessary to solve the problem. Since it is intended as a task for the grades 5/6, the measuring (here non-straight lines) will be relevant. Of course, older students can use knowledge from the circle calculation.

Have you tested the task with students or received other feedback on the task?

No. The task will be tested in the next school year with grade 5 as well as in the course of a further teacher training with colleagues. However, he climbing children had a lot of fun to help me as a climber for checking the measurements.  

We are pleased that MathCityMap finds more and more task authors from different regions and the task portal is expanded by a variety of tasks!

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