18. September 2017

Task of the Week: Shaft Cover

The current Task of the Week is about an everyday object, which is suitable for various tasks around the circle and can be used due to its frequent occurrence in almost every trail. More specifically, it is about the shaft cover of a canal and its dimensions and weight.

Task: Shaft Cover (task number: 1804)

In the center of the shaft cover, concrete is given. 12 liters of concrete are used per lid. What is the height of the concrete cylinder? Give the result rounded to one decimal place in cm.

To solve the problem, it is first necessary to recognize that the volume of the center of the shaft cover is given. In addition, the shaft cover has to be recognized as a cylinder apart from minor inaccuracies. Using the formula for the volume of a cylinder and the measured radius, the students can identify the required height. In general, the modeling competence and handling of mathematical objects in reality is trained. In addition, the flexible handling of formulas and the choice of suitable units play an important role in order to solve the problem. The problem can be grouped into the complex circle and cylinder and thus plays a role in geometric questions. The task can be used from class 9 onwards.

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