5. June 2017

Task of the Week: Number of Windows

While during the past few weeks we often presented tasks which can be solved from secondary level, the present Task of the Week shows that the MathCityMap project can already be used from primary school.

Task: Number of Windows (task number: 1191)

How many window panes can be seen on this front of the house?

To solve the problem, it is possible to count the window panes. However, this takes a long time so that the students at best have the idea to count only the panes in a row as well as the number of rows and solve the task by means of a multiplication. The basic representation of the multiplication is addressed as a repeated addition. Further, the students must be aware that the number of window panes and not the windows is asked. For a window, therefore, three panes must be submitted if the students firstly count the number of windows.

The task can be classified in the areas of multiplication and number and can be solved from class 4.

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