16. May 2022

Task of the Week: Height of the Powder Tower in Merano

In the beautiful South Tyrolean city of Merano, teacher Michael Perkmann recently created the task “Height of the Powder Tower in Merano”, which we would like to present to you today as the task of the week. The goal of the task is to determine the height of the old powder tower.  Michael Perkmann reports about his task and the use of MathCityMap in the classroom in the following.

How did you come across the MathCityMap project? How do you use MCM?

I first heard about MathCityMap about 3 to 4 years ago at a teacher training course in South Tyrol. At that time we did the first Mathtrails in groups and tried to create our own tasks.

Since there are hardly any tasks and trails in South Tyrol and especially in Merano at the moment, I have always planned to create my own math parkour with my students one day.

I created this task for the Powder Tower together with my students from the Business School in Merano as part of an interdisciplinary project to get to know the MathCityMap platform better.
The goal is that the students themselves will soon create several tasks in the vicinity of Merano.

Together we will try to enter the tasks into the portal and then create a trail.


What can the learners gain by working on the tasks?

I think that working on tasks requires many competences of the students, especially modeling, creating text tasks, applying mathematical representations, creativity in solving mathematical problems.

This is often neglected in frontal teaching. MathCityMap is therefore a great addition to the lessons and the work outside the class motivates and makes fun for the students.

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