13. March 2017

Task of the Week: Climbing Wall

Today’s “Task of the Week” leads to Hamburg, more precisely to the school Am Heidpark. Here, one can find the trail “Am Heidpark” which is a good example to show that already a schoolyard can be made for a MathCityMap trail. The selected “Task of the Week” is called “Climbing Wall” with task number 668.

Task: Climbing Wall

Determine the slope of the climbing wall in percent.

The task enables a suitable embedding of the topic slope of linear functions. The slope of the climbing wall can be determined by recourse of the gradient triangle. In the coordinate system, the slope of a linear function can be calculated with help of two points on it. It is necessary to determine the difference of the y-coordinates (dy) and the difference of the x-coordinates (dx) and divide them afterwards. Corresponding in the real context, it is necessary to measure the height difference (dy) as well as the difference in length (vertical; dx). Afterwards, the slope can be calculated with help of a division and the conversion into percent. The task can be used from grade 8 and supports a basic understanding of the slope of a linear function and its determination with help of a gradient triangle. The task is especially suitable in the beginning of the topic as it already “predefines” a right-angled gradient triangle. Further tasks could for example involve the slope of a stair handrail. The task is a connection of algebra and geometry and can be related to the branches measuring and functional correlation.


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