Date: 1. November 2018 | By: MathCityMap Admin | Category:  | No Comments

Portal update: Create task drafts on the fly!

Today’s update extends the web portal with an important new feature. The mobile version of the portal (e.g. on mobile devices) now automatically starts in the so-called “draft mode”. It […]

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Date: 15. August 2018 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

4000th MathCityMap Task in the Portal

With this great summer weather, it is no wonder that the math trailers move outside. We are very pleased that this week the 4000 task border was reached in the […]

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Date: 18. May 2018 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

MCM Web Portal Update – Toolbar

After improving the task and trail details in our last portal update, this update focuses on the toolbar. The main aim of these updates is to get MathCityMap on a […]

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