18. May 2018

MCM Web Portal Update – Toolbar

After improving the task and trail details in our last portal update, this update focuses on the toolbar. The main aim of these updates is to get MathCityMap on a well established technical level and to make sure that a higher amount of data do not affect the functionality.

Overview of all Changes:

  • Data in the lists are loaded asychronously
  • Revision of the working groups
  • Possibility to cancel content from the review process
  • Revision of the searching function
  • Minor bug fixing

Working Groups

  • In the list “My Tasks” and “My Routes”, you can see the items which are shared within a group, mixed with your own contents. The group items are marked with a coloured circle and the initials of the author.
  • Shared content cannot be shared, published or deleted by other group members.
  • If you share a trail with a group, automatically all tasks from the trail are shared as well.
  • The working group list shows further information, e.g. number of members and number of shared contents.
  • In the details of the working group, you can change the colour of the group (randomly chosen out of 10 fixed colours) and the shared tasks and trails are listed.

Review Process

  • After asking for publication of a content, you can cancel the review process by clicking the button “Cancel Publication”. This can be helpful in case you asked for publication by mistake.

Search Function

  • The search function opens a new tab with three entries:
    Routes – Here are trails listed that can be found via search
    Tasks – Here are tasks listed that can be found via search
    New Search – Opens a search box (send via ENTER or click on the magnifier)
  • With the button Search Settings, one further has the opportunity to configurate the search, e.g. the time slot of the task creation or an interval for the grades. Apart from this, one can choose in which fields contents should be searched.

Minor Bug Fixing

  • Through various actions, the portal can come into different states. Earlier, it was not systematic enough so that some actions led to error states. The states are now managed standardized and systematically. This should help to avoid and easily regulate errors.
  • Opening tasks and trails integrates so called GET parameters into the address bar, e.g. to send a specific trail via link (Attention: The content must be visible for the receiver). With the new update, it is further noted in which sub tab the portal is during the starting process.
  • The loading bar was changed into a loading circle with a message on the current process. Further, it is integrated more consitently. This should show the user what happens in the background.
  • Task, Box: Sample Solution: The bug that deleted the picture of the sample solution while changing the text of the sample solution was fixed.
  • Picture Upload: The bug that hindered the process of uploading a picture with the same filename was fixed.
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