24. July 2023

Popular Mathtrails: Prechádzka na ZŠ Duklianska pre 5. ročník

A mathtrail that fits perfectly into our category “Popular Mathtrails” is the trail “Prechádzka na ZŠ Duklianska pre 5 ročníkn” which was created by the experienced MathCityMap author Silvia Haringová in the Slovakian town of Bánovce nad Bebravou. Consisting of a total of six tasks, the trail gained 119 app downloads in June.

In a short interview, Silvia tells us how this came about:


What is the trail about? What is your favourite task of the trail?

The trail is designed to repeat the curriculum of the 5th grade. In the trail pupils solve, for example how many times longer does it take to decompose a plastic bag than paper or they find out how many euros it cost to replace the posts on the fence that borders the playground.

My favourite task in this trail is “Volleyball court”.

This is an application task in which pupils help the janitor find out the sum of the lengths of all the yellow stripes of the volleyball court, because the janitor wants to repaint them.


Why do you think the trail was it downloaded that often?

The trail was downloaded often, because at the end of the school year, the teachers let all the 5th grade students solve this trail, but it was also solved by the 9th graders, who gradually solved the trails for the 5th to 8th grade. The teachers let them repeat the curriculum of the entire second grade of elementary school in this way.



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