1. June 2021

MOOC: MathCityMap all over the world

Yesterday the great MathCityMap MOOC within the Erasmus+ project MaSCE³ ended. In this article we present experiences of teachers. And of course, we also want to thank all participants and in particular all organizers of the MOOC.


Experiences with MathCityMap:

In the following statements, the teachers participating in the MOOC review on the course and their made experiences with doing mathematics outdoors with their classes.

Veronica Sambataro (United Kingdom, Secondary level):
I attended this course as a postgraduate student and a future teacher. For testing the math trail, I decided to involve my households – and it was very fun. Some of them told me that it was really fun discovered new formulas and enjoying with math! I will use MathCityMap for sure when I will be a teacher a day!!

Gina Patricia Paz Huamán (Peru, University level):
Today I applied with a group of students of Higher Education the “Mathematical Route in Pueblo Libre” that I prepared with the MathCityMap application. This experience has been positively valued by them who consider that it will be very motivating to use it with the students of Basic Education for whom the activity was prepared. It has been very exciting to use the digital classroom in this activity, to see how the groups are formed, the progress of each one of them and how they solve the challenges posed.

Margherita Motteran (Italia, Secondary level):
Today we had fun trying to solve problems in reality mathematically. In order to determine the dimensions of real objects, students used different strategies that they developed themselves. This activity stimulated their imagination and increased their math skills. We plan to use MCM often in the future.

Thanks a lot!

The entire MathCityMap team Frankfurt would like to thank the main organisers of the MOOC. Within the MaSCE³ project, the MOOC was prepared, guided and accompanied by:

Eugenia Taranto (Italy), Christian Mercat (France), Elisabete Cunha (Portugal), Claudia Lázaro (Spain), Andrus Rinde (Estonia) and Simone Jablonski (Germany).

Thank you very much for your commitment!

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