18. August 2021

MCM@home: Digital Learning Paths for Math Lessons

Dear users,

we have already presented several MCM@home learning paths for distance learning within the MathCityMap app. In our new collection we have added some new learning paths.

All your learners have to do is to enter the code in the free and GPDR-compliant MathCityMap app. Ready to start!

We hope you enjoy working through them!


English7[MCM@home] Pribina Square Nitra052591
9Erasmus Days 2020 I273177
9Erasmus Days 2020 II583178
9MCM@Home: Semarang232525
10[MCM@home] Berlin052524
Spanish8Actividades en casa062651
8El patio de mi casa es particular…472991
8MathCity@Home 2º ESO562551
9Campo de fútbol del Racing de Santander782526
9Ruta PI de la FESPM044282
10Matemáticas en el baloncesto382998
10Noche Europea de los Investigadores-Noviembre 2020893300
Italian8Matematica a tutto tondo per IDM 2021 – scuola secondaria di I grado044258
11Matematica a tutto tondo per IDM 2021 – scuola secondaria di II grado184244
Portuguese8MCM@Home: PT-Porto [7/8]692543
9MCM@Home: PT-Porto [9]062544
9MCM_PI_Guimaraes @ home384252
12MCM@Home: PT-Guimarães022552
5[MCM@home]Kombinatorika okolo prezidentského paláca v Bratislave342691
6[MCM@home] Dvory nad Žitavou292584
7[MCM@home] Pribinovo námestie Nitra142598
7[MCM@home]Holíčsky zámok392602
8[MCM@home]U včelárov363332
8[MCM@home]Veľké Borové393526
9[MCM@home] Detské ihrisko Nové Zámky383533
9[MCM@home] Objemy a povrchy v lesoparku Žilina152588
9[MCM@home]Stromy okolo rieky Nitra174015
Indonesian9MCM@home: Matematika di Sekitar Kita684255
German3Mathe-Adler Knobelaufgaben072592
3Mathe-Adler Rätselspaß282593
3Mathe-Adler: Folgen und Reihen012519
3Mathe-Adler: Kombinatorik262518
3Mathe-Adler: Zahlenrätsel192515
3Rechentricks für die Mathe-Adler073299
4Mathe-Adler: Neue Matherätsel284659
4MathCityMap@home Fortbildung – Grundschule353578
6Mathe-Adler: Knobeln für Fortgeschrittene054098
6Mathe-Adler: 24 knifflige Rätsel564802
6Rechnen mit Dezimalzahlen392881
8MCM indoors: Mathematik-Wettbewerb 1183150
8MCM indoors: Mathematik-Wettbewerb 2073244
8MCM@Home: Lineare Funktionen012514
8Umgang mit Termen063152
9MCM@Home: Quadratische Funktionen682517
9Jahresrückblick Klasse 9792904
9MCM@Home LemaS Fortbildung Bremen344106
9iM INTernet: Fortbildung zu MCM@home154204
9ZAA HS Pflichtteil 2019354115
9ZAA HS Wahlteil 2018014129
10ZAA HS Wahlteil 2019144260
10Mathematik ist überall! Trail zum IDM 2021134205
10MCM@Home: Ffm a. M.692521
10Daten und Statistik282769
10ZAA RS Pflichtteil 2012464997
10ZAA RS Pflichtteil 2013894693
10ZAA RS Pflichtteil 2019164132
10ZAA RS Wahlteil 2018124130
10ZAA RS Wahlteil 2019174133


Did you also create a MCM@home learning path and would like to share it with other users? Great!

Then please write an email with…

  • the name of your MCM@home trail,
  • the related code,
  • the grade level,
  • and the language of the digital learning path

to barlovits[at]math.uni-frankfurt.de.

We would be very happy to add your contribution to the list as well!

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