20. May 2020

MaSCE³ Meeting in the virtual space

On the 18th and 19th of May we conducted our technical meeting of the MaSCE³ project. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions about personal contacts and international travelling, we had to more our meeting into the virtual space.

Apart from the MathCityMap team from Goethe University Frankfurt, our project partners from the universities of Lyon (France), Tallinn (Estonia) and the university of applied Sciences Offenburg (Baden-Wuerttemberg) also took part. Furthermore, we were actively supported by representatives of the the Berlin app developer from autentek.

 The development of the digital classroom as one of the intellectual outputs of the MaSCE³ project is nearly finished. The digital classroom provides the teachers with the possibility to create a time wise limited learning environment for their students. Apart from the e-portfolio, where all of the during the conduction of a math trail occurring events are stored and displayed, the chat functionality proofed to be a very useful tool for teachers. Especially during the corona crises and therefore the spatial separation of teachers and students, the digital classroom was often used for MathCityMap@home.

During the group works, we discussed the next steps of implementing also augmented elements into the MathCityMap system, as well as to define new task formats. By using augmented elemtns, it would be possible to pose completely new tasks and create problems for a variety of mathematical topics. For example, it could be possible for the teacher to attach virtual information to a real object. The students can discover and use that information by scanning the environment of the object with the camera of their smartphone inside the MathCityMap app. Furthermore, we also want to implement subtasks as a new format for tasks. Using subtasks, it would be possible to structure complex tasks and divide them into smaller, easier to solve problems. The students could then verify their solutions step by step.

The mandatory mathtrail had to be postponed. However, we hope to have soon the possibility to meet again face-to-face and will of course run again a mathtrail together!

We would like to thank all partners for the productive project meeting!

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