1. July 2020

Happy Birthday: 165 Years of Advertisement Pillar

It’s the advertising pillar’s birthday! The first advertising pillar was installed in Berlin 165 years ago today. The advertising pillar has prevailed – and still shapes the cityscape today. Of course, the advertising pillar is also interesting from a mathematical perspective: In addition to calculating the volume or the surface area of the circular cylinder, the question of the maximum number of advertising posters can also be asked.

Advertising pillar at the Commerzbank:
How many DIN A0 posters can be attached to the advertising pillar on edge and without overlap? DIN A0: width = 84cm; height = 119cm.

To answer this question, learners have to measure the height and the circumference of the advertising pillar in order to calculate the number of posters. Learners are often surprised by the actual size of the circumference. The height of the advertising pillar is then divided by the height of the poster [number of rows of posters] and the circumference of the pillar by the width of the poster [number of posters per row]. The product of both calculations is the number of posters that can be attached. If the posters may also be hung crosswise, the calculation described must be repeated in order to determine the maximum number beyond doubt.

And now the best: For the advertising pillar task, MathCityMap provides a prepared template, a so-called Wizard Task.

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