15. October 2020

Erasmus Days 2020: October 15th & 16th

MathCityMap celebrates the Erasmus Days 2020! As the MathCityMap project is co-funded by Erasmus+ (MaSCE³), we contribute to the Erasmus Days with two MCM@home session. Our MCM Educator Simone is being ready for your questions on the tasks in the chat of the Digital Classroom.

To participate in our virtual Erasmus Days Party, you just have to enter the follwoing codes in the MathCityMap app:

  • Thursday, October 15th (14-15.30 CEST): s191180
  • Friday, October 16th (14-15.30 CEST): s451181

As a small foretaste of the trail, we present here the task “The Atomium” which was created by our Portuguese colleague Ana Barbosa. She chose the Atomium as the object for the task, as it is an iconic attraction in Brussels, where our virtual Erasmus Days Trail is placed. The task about the Atomium deals with the famous Euler rule, which relates the number of vertices (spheres of the Atomium), edges (rods of the Atomium) and surfaces of a hypothetical solid, which was created from its architectural structure.

We are looking forward to your participation und wish a lot of fun!

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