9. February 2021

19.000 tasks on the MathCityMap Web Portal!

Ceren Kaya has created the 19,000 task on the MathCityMap Web Portal! As part of the seminar “New Media in Mathematics Education” at Frankfurt Goethe University, the use of MathCityMap in the classroom is of course also discussed.

For this purpose, the student teachers get to know the MathCityMap system from the learner’s point of view and work on a math trail of their choice. In addition, the use of our tool Digital Classroom is reflected upon (teachers’ perspective).

From the author’s perspective, the students create their own assignments. For this purpose, a picture of the monument of the Hassia spring in Bad Vilbel as well as the corresponding dimensions of the base were given. The student teacher Ceren Kaya then created the task “Mathematics with a magic hand”, in which the volume of the base is to be calculated.

We look forward to many more tasks on MathCityMap!

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