30. October 2017

Visit of the Project Seminar “Math Trails”

On 12.10.2017, the MathTrails project seminar from the Theodosius-Florentini-Schule Gemünden visited the MathCityMap team in Frankfurt. Marie-Noelle Klug, a participating student in the project, has thankfully provided us a great report as well as photos, which give an insight into how the students have experienced the day:

The P-Seminar “MathTrails” led the students of the Q11 of the Theodosius-Florentini-Schule Gemünden to Frankfurt to get to know the origin of the project MathCityMap and to get the necessary information about the seminar.

We arrived at the Goethe University in Frankfurt around 10:30 am, where we were welcomed by Iwan Gurjanow and Joerg Zender. Afterwards we were introduced to the concept of MathCityMap in detail and we got useful tips for dealing with the materials we needed to test a trail. Then we started in groups of three with our smartphones, on which we had previously installed the app MathCityMap, and made a small trail with different tasks. For example, we had to calculate the shoe size of the T Rex statue. We had a stick, measuring tape and a pocket calculator. Now one had to become creative and come to own solutions, whereby the app also provides up to three hints.

© Marie-Noelle Klug

After all the groups finished the trail, we got together again and held a brief feedback round. Afterwards, we received the criteria and tips for the creation of our own tasks for a trail, what we could then test again in our small groups.

For example, the task was to “calculate the inner surface of the O”

© Marie-Noelle Klug

Several tasks were created in each group, which allowed us to create the first own trail of our group on the web portal.

In conclusion, the excursion was a great success for the students and many questions were answered. The class is now very well prepared for the project and hopes for a successful end result.


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