Date: 25. October 2021 | By: Philipp Larmann | Category:  | No Comments

Mathe.Entdecker: Experiencing Zwönitz mathematically.

In the past months of July and August, the MathCityMap team from Frankfurt visited the German city of Zwönitz. Here our team created a total of 17 new trails, which […]

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Date: 17. June 2020 | By: Simon Barlovits | Category:  | No Comments

Mathe.Entdecker: Calculating in Constance

Last October, the MathCityMap team from Frankfurt visited the city of Constance [dt. Konstanz]. At Lake Constance our team is laying out a total of 14 new trails, which will […]

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Date: 16. April 2018 | By: Simone Jablonski | Category:  | No Comments

Trails around Stuttgart’s Exchange

MATHE.ENDTECKER (Math Explorer) is a program funded by Stiftung Rechnen in cooperation with Goethe University. MathCityMap gives the technical, didactical and pedagogic basis for this special program. Through the opening […]

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