16. April 2018

Trails around Stuttgart’s Exchange

MATHE.ENDTECKER (Math Explorer) is a program funded by Stiftung Rechnen in cooperation with Goethe University. MathCityMap gives the technical, didactical and pedagogic basis for this special program.

Through the opening of these trails at Stuttgart’s exchange through Patrick Dewayne (Ambassador of Stiftung Rechnen), Dr. Oliver Hans (head of Stuttgart’s exchange) and Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig (Goethe University, working group MATIS I), MCM reached a new level in terms of dissemination and cooperation with Stiftung Rechnen and further partners.

Dr. Oliver Hans, Dr. Marc Mehlhorn, Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig, Patrick Dewayne,  (c) Philipp Tonn

On Thursday, 12.04., students from 11. grade of a commericial high school in Schorndorf were able to test one of the four trails. The feedback was positive, especially the connection of being outside, acting independently, doing mathematics and using mobile devices was mentioned. It is planned to created further trails in Schorndorf with help of MathCityMap.

Students of Johann-Philipp-Palm school in Schorndorf
Students of Johann-Philipp-Palm school in Schorndorf

The MCM team from Frankfurt is looking forward for further tasks.

Ceremonial cutting off the tape in front of the sculpture “thinker” close to Stuttgart’s exchange. From left to right:Patrick Dewayne, Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig, Oliver Hans. Students of Johann-Philipp-Palm school Schorndorf.

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