4. December 2023

Partner school in Spain and Slovakia

We’re happy to welcome two new partner schools: the primary school Základná škola Kanianka in  Slovakia (Kanianka) and the secondary school Colegio María Reina Inmaculada in Spain (Santander).

Primary school teacher Daria Lubikova from Slovakia, who initiated the application process for the Základná škola Kanianka school, has already had many interesting experiences with MathCityMap at her school.

„The first point of interest is that I am a big fan of learning outdoors. Teaching outdoors is very illustrative and varied. In our facebook group of mathematics teachers we talked about various topics and one of them was MathCityMap. Then I studied alone, only with a manual. This manual is in Slovak language and is made very well. The second point of interest is digital literacy. For me it is natural. I am a teacher of computer science, but children need practical and functional skills. I found out – when students start the trails they are happy, they do mathematics and they are happy 🙂 They like to walk around the school and explore the tasks. They like working in groups. They like to use measuring tools. And they like to invent tasks for another group or for younger students. For now, only on paper, but we will see what options the future opens in MathCityMaps. We all like it – me and students, too. Thank you for all.“

These are some of the trails that Daria Lubikova has created for her students:

Trail-Code: 4712305

Trail-Code: 5617500

Trail-Code: 1317230

Finally, here are a few pictures of Daria Lubikova’s students measuring and discovering mathematics outdoors:


Teacher Cristina González Acero from the Colegio María Reina Inmaculada has also had great experiences with MathCityMap.

„The idea of using the Mathcitymaps application arose with the purpose of giving our students a chance to answer by themselves a never-ending question: What is the use of Maths in real life? Last academic year (2022/23) we created for our 2nd, 3rd and 4th Secondary School year students two Math-trails with different locations within the boundaries of our school. As a result, students could experience themselves that Maths aren’t just theoretical exercises to be solved in class. On the contrary, Maths are indeed really useful to mesure, calculate and solve problems of our daily life. Additionaly, this application let them enhance their teamwork, fostering peer collaboration and critical thinking; a truly exciting experience four our students! They are already thrilled to participate again in another activity!“

Among others, the students explored their surroundings using the trail (trail-code: 136223).

Of course, the package with the official partner school plaque and the MCM measuring instruments is already on its way to both schools and we are very much looking forward to receiving further applications from all over the world.

All further information about the partner school program and the requirements for the application can be found in the article about the first MCM partner school as well as on the homepage of our project MaSCE³.

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