8. June 2020

Task of the Week: Volume of the Founder’s Building

In Karlsruhe, Germany, we find our new task of the week. Here the student teachers Jessica Milde and Lea Berner have created the task „Volumen der Gründer-Schmiede“ (engl.: “Volume of the Founder’s Building”), in which the volume of a building is to be modelled by using two cuboids.

How did you discover the MathCityMap project?

We, Jessica Milde and Lea Berner, are studying high school teaching (mathematics) in the 6th semester at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Last winter semester we visited the didactics seminar “Digital Tools for Mathematics Teaching”, where each student of the seminar was supposed to present a digital tool in their lecture.

In our double lecture we introduced the MathCityMap App and took a closer look at the background of the website and the App. In our internship our fellow students could create their own tasks and run the trail “Digital Tools WS 19/20” (available in the app via code: 562251).

Describe your task. How can it be solved?

The task is a composite body and the SuS should determine the volume of this body by means of modelling.

What didactic goals do you pursue with the task?

You have to realize that there are two cuboids and that the terrace is not part of the volume of the building. There are small pitfalls built in because the building has rounded corners.


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