30. October 2023

Partnerschoolnews from Germany

Once again, there is a new MathCityMap partner school in Germany! The Dürer-Gymnasium in Nuremberg is the fourth German school to join our network and we were very pleased with the creative tasks and trails that were created for the successful application.

“At the beginning of our project seminar at Dürer-Gymnasium Nuremberg, we set ourselves the goal of becoming a MathCityMap partner school. For this purpose, a total of four trails were created in the immediate vicinity of our school. Prior to the publication of these trails, three different classes in grades 5-9 have already completed them with the help of our supervision. These students mostly enjoyed working on the tasks in class and we hope to have inspired both teachers and students at our school for MathCityMap,” wrote teachers Anne Wagner and Quang Bach Duon, who were largely in charge of their school’s application.

The different trails can be found in the web portal and in the app as follows:

Fürther Straße” with the code 0413379

Renovierung des Wiesengrunds” with the code 2313070

Reutersbrunnenstraße” with the code 1714621

Der Fürtherstr. Rundkurs” with the code 7813414

The package with the official partner school badge and the MCM measuring instruments has already been delivered and we are looking forward to receiving more applications from all over the world.

All further information on the partner school programme and the requirements for application can be found both in the article on the first MCM partner school and on the homepage of our MaSCE³ project.


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