21. August 2023

News from Portugal

The first half of 2023 was also an exciting time for all students and teachers who wanted to get to know Mathtrails in Portugal. In May and June, a total of 300 students and teachers participated in events as part of our MoMaTrE project. These events were accompanied by Professor Amélia Caldeira from the University of Porto and a special guest was certainly the Councilor for Education, Fernando Paulo, who could convince himself of the enthusiasm that mathematics can trigger outside. In the context of the events a great video was created, which we of course do not want to withhold.


Further events and trainings for MathCityMap and our partner project ASYMPTOTE are already planned for fall 2023 and spring 2024 in Portugal. These will be especially promoted by SPM (Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática) to all schools in northern Portugal.

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