27. October 2017

MCM in Wilhelmsburg – Press Release

In regards to the Hamburger Stiftungstage 2017, numerous MCM tasks were created on demand of the Stiftung Rechnen in the district Wilhelmsburg and combined into varied trails for families and school classes of grades 3 to 9. As part of the opening of the trails, the tasks were tested by Hamburg’s pupils as well as press representatives, and Iwan Gurjanow was able to present the MCM concept to the participants on site.

(c) Stiftung Rechnen

On the next picture you can see a group of students, which solves the task School Cone.

(c) Stiftung Rechnen

The resonance in the press, e.g. in the Hamburger Abendblatt as well as in the regional editions of the Bild und SAT 1, is consistently positive and makes clear: MCM convinces teachers and students through authentic tasks, the use of modern media and the practicability of “outdoor mathematics”.

We are thankful for the very positive feedback and hope that fun and curiosity on MCM will be awakened by many users through the continuation of the trails .

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