15. November 2017

MCM in Wetzlar

On 14.11.17, Iwan Gurjanow and Simone Jablonski presented MathCityMap as part of an internal teacher training at the Werner-von-Siemens school in Wetzlar. First, the theoretical basis for Math Trails as well as the MCM concept were presented to the participants. With the help of the criteria for good MCM tasks, the participants were then themselves active and searched for possible tasks at the schoolyard. After a change of perspective, the participants learned about the app by means of a trail in the schoolyard, consisting of different geometrical problems. As final product, the participants created their own tasks in the portal and merged them into a trail for the school.

We would like to thank the participants for their cooperation and feedback and look forward to numerous MCM tasks in and around Wetzlar.

Are you interested in teacher training on MCM? Feel free to contact us!

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