2. December 2017

MCM in Hanau

On 01.12.2017, Matthias Ludwig and Simone Jablonski presented MathCityMap as part of an internal teacher training at the Commercial Schools in Hanau. First, the theoretical basis for math trails, the MCM concept and selected research results were presented. Afterwards, the participants got to know the app with the aid of a trail created around the schoolyard – consisting of a variety of geometrical, functional and combinatorial problems. Using the criteria for good MCM tasks, the participants then became active themselves after a change in perspective and sighted the schoolyard for possible tasks. In the process, a variety of ideas for MCM on ​​the level of secondary school appeared. As an end product of the events, the participants could create their own tasks in the portal and combine them into a trail around the school. Of course, there was a lot of fun during the event, for example while answering the question of the height of the swing seat in a 45° angle:

MCM flying high

We thank the participants for their cooperation and feedback and look forward to numerous MCM tasks in Hanau.

Are you also interested in a MCM teacher training? Feel free to contact us!

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