10. April 2023

A trail breaks all records!

It has been one and a half years since a trail took the title of the mathtrail with the most downloads in the MathCityMap app worldwide. With 569 downloads, Yunas Chandra’s trail Banteng Berhitung in Jakarta slipped to the top of our download charts.

Now, however, Corinne Stephan from Buchy in France has succeeded in generating 1163 downloads within a few weeks with her Trail Rallye dans Buchy.

Corinne Stephan got to know MathCityMap through the French textbook series Sésamath and she has been using the application for several years, as she tells us in a short interview.

“I developed the “Rally through Buchy” trail for my Year 6 students (age 11) to help them realise that mathematics surrounds us and that we can use it on a daily basis. Maths is not just in books. You just have to lift your eyes to see that we use it every day without even realising it.”

Congratulations to the new record holder on your great trail and we are excited to see when we will set this new record!



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